Earthquake and Tsunami Information

We praise the Lord that all of our team members and church members are safe and accounted for after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. And yet, our hearts ache for Japan and the great devastation we see here. PLEASE KEEP PRAYING FOR JAPAN. We have a long road of rebuilding ahead of us, and our prayer is that in the midst of this, many Japanese would rebuild upon the firm foundation that is Christ.
Our MTW teams are highly involved in relief effort. We have already taken several trips up to affected areas to deliver water, gas, and other supplies. It still seems like a drop in the bucket, though, compared to the great need. Mission to the World has issued an appeal and set up a fund specifically for Japan disaster relief. As you are led, please give so that we are able continue to help. Please see the MTW site for more details and updates. We will also continue to post on here as we are able.

MTW Japan Disaster Relief

Three of us went north into the devastated areas Sunday at midnight with a packed two-ton rental truck with 1,000 liters of water, gasoline, blankets, food, warm clothes, etc, that many people donated.  We distributed supplies to a small church, an elementary school housing full of displaced people, and drove around town (Ueda town, Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture) giving water to people.  We found that people were so desperate for water that when we ran out, they wanted the not-so-clean  spill-over can water.  It was very sad to run-out of water with people still coming with plastic bags and trash cans and anything they could bring to get it.

I could not help but think:

-May the Japanese people come to thirst like this spiritually, and be this desperate seeking Living Water (Isa. 55:1-2;  John 4).

– May they flee to higher ground . . . to The High Rock (Ps. 61:2).

– May a tsunami of grace, wave after wave, flood Japan (Ezek. 47; John 1:16)

We now have two Japanese churches in the affected area to possibly partner with long-term in their area to help them in their witness as we serve people in their communities.  –  From Dan Iverson, Country Dir., MTW Japan

This is just one story of dozens that are already filtering out of the destroyed landscape of northern Japan.

MTW has issued a Disaster Response Appeal (sometime referred to as a “Minuteman” appeal), and we are committed to making a strong response. We know that God has placed us in a position of strength with the depth of our team, their broad presence, and long ministry history in Japan. Our teams have jumped into providing relief help in conjunction with JEMA, an association of evangelical Japanese churches. They will be forming long range plans over the next few weeks, as they have time to pray and consider how they sense the Lord is leading them.  Right now the focus is on helping those without water, power and shelter while earthquakes continue rumble, secondary issues due to the devastation multiply, and people are asking the difficult questions.

The strength of MTW disaster response is in the careful attention to the use of funding to insure that the funds do the most good and in connecting the effort to ministry through churches with whom we partner.  There are many organizations with tremendous resources that focus on immediate relief only, flying and boating in basic necessities – a much needed supply.  MTW will do this as well, but with groups that are often overlooked or ignored.  In this way, our comparatively smaller contribution will go a long way to help those who are receiving no help.   In addition, MTW will take a longer view and work with local leadership to continue to offer help as people and churches put their lives back together.   For instance, in previous efforts MTW has been able to rebuild churches, dig wells, rebuild both transitional and permanent homes, rebuild schools, provide care for orphaned children, even train new leadership for a generation that lost their leaders.  Exact plans have not been laid, but the time to give is now so that we are ready to act when the missionary and national leadership on the ground sets the direction.

MTW and our team welcome prayer that God will open many hearts to the gospel and that His Church will grow.

We are accepting donations to be used by our team over the coming months. The account is 93993 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. You may send a check to:

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