Church Planting

The MTW Tokyo Team began with the goal of starting churches in the Tokyo/Chiba area that would become a presbytery. Since 1992, eight worshiping congregations have been started, six of them continuing today in Oyumino, Honda, Toke, Chiharadai, Kokubunjidai and Makuhari.  A 7th is being started by a former team member near our old Soga Church plant in Chiba Central ward.  Tokyo City Center Church plant, our biggest project to date, is in the process of being started in partnership with the PCJ and Redeemer PCA in New York City. 

The goal for all the churches that we start is that they become self-governing, self-supporting, and self-propagating churches.

Oyumino Church. Oyumino Church is the first church plant of the Tokyo/Chiba Team. By God’s grace the church has grown from 5 founding members in 1992 to a multi-site church of about 180 total worshipers (Oyumino, Honda and Toke) with Sunday morning joint worship quarterly. There are now over 60 small groups that meet for fellowship, prayer, discipleship, outreach, or a combination of these. Dan Iverson (Tokyo/Chiba team leader and founding pastor of Oyumino Church) leads Oyumino Church together with full-time Pastor Tetsuya Dedachi, and Elder/Evangelist Nobuaki Nagata. There are two other elders and ten deacons. God has richly blessed with unity, love, and growth. Oyumino Church is now largely self-supporting and self-propagating, growing each year in membership, Japanese indigenous leadership, worship attendance, and giving. Simply put, the church planting vision is “One church becomes three which become six.” This is a much easier way to start a healthy church in difficult Japan, sending some leaders, members, and seekers to start in a new location, but keeping the church plant under the mother church for a time for support, protection, and guidance. This also enables us to “half church plant” in difficult Japan where we have a statistical shortage of pastors and church planters. (See and

Chiharadai Church is located in the growing town of Chiharadai, part of Ichihara City. This church has its own ordained Japanese pastor and three elders, so it is self-governing. There are about 30 worshipers. Please pray for Chiharadai Church to grow into a self-propagating church that reaches its city, and for growth in numbers and giving so that it can be self-supporting.

Kokubunjidai Church is located further south in Ichihara City, in an area that is historically a center for Buddhism. Kokubunjidai Church has currently about 30 worshipers. It was started by former team member Bill Jackson. It is now pastored by PCA missionary Rev. Beyongseob Han.  Pray for the church to grow into a self-supporting, self-governing, self-propagating church.

Makuhari Megumi (Grace) Church. The Coulbourne family has partnered with experienced PCJ pastor Rev. Yoshinobu Hirohashi to plant this church in Makuhari Baytown, a new area built on reclaimed land in Tokyo Bay. The church is growing well, with about 60 people now attending Sunday worship. They have a terrible space problem and what a great problem to have!  Please pray for them. Also pray for God to raise up more men, bringing many more to faith and into leadership in this church plant.