Sermons and Talks

We have a compilation of sermons and talks both about Japan or given here in Japan.

Session Five – John Lin

Sesssion 5 GOSPEL IN BUILDING COMMUNITY What are some of the barriers for developing richer community? In some ways, many of the questions about groups is a matter of church structure and programs – lots of practical details on how to make it work, challenges to being faithful in caring for people, building community, etc. […]

Session Four – John Lin

Session4 EVANGELISM AND CELL GROUPS Several reasons why cell groups are beneficial for evangelism. Essentially adds new dimension to work of evangelism, namely the importance of evangelistic communities – that people become believers and mature as believers in more ways than just through a personal one-on-one conversation. Personal one-on-one evangelism is always important, but have […]

Session Three – John Lin

Session? PREPARING FOR A FELLOWSHIP GROUP CHURCH DEFINITION OF CHURCH LEADERSHIP Key theme is the Christian leader as a steward. In ancient times, steward was household manager of large estate. Had authority over estate but only within boundaries of will of the lord of the estate. Much more nuanced and sophisticated idea than just being […]

Session Two – John Lin

Session?? THEOLOGY OF FELLOWSHIP GROUPS One of the central themes throughout the Bible is the fact that God is creating a people who belong to Him. See this in OT and NT. Ex. Exodus 19, Israel called a Kingdom of Priests and a Holy Nation. Holy Nation = means a people who are distinct, set […]