Church Planting

The MTW Tokyo Team began with the goal of starting churches in the Tokyo/Chiba area that would become a presbytery. Since 1992, eight worshiping congregations have been started, six of them continuing today in Oyumino, Honda, Toke, Chiharadai, Kokubunjidai and Makuhari. A 7th is being started by a former team member near our old Soga […]

English School Ministry

First started in 1989 with one class and five students, the Tokyo/Chiba Team’s English school has been a significant component of the team’s ministry and outreach. Currently, the English school operates at six different locations and has over two hundred students. Through these English classes, many Japanese people have been presented with the gospel for […]

College Ministry

Japan is a nation of 128 million people, yet only ½ of 1% are evangelical Christians. There are no legal or political obstacles to the spread of Christianity, but there are strong social and cultural barriers among Japanese to understanding and accepting the gospel. On top of this, the post WWII generation of Japanese pastors […]

K-12 Education

Covenant Community School International Covenant Community School International was founded in 2006 in order to best serve the educational needs of Japanese Christian parents as well as the MTW Tokyo / Chiba Team missionaries. Originally founded as Keiyo Christian School, dedicated towards raising missionary children with a solid Christian education, the school now has an […]

How Can I Get Involved?

CSI is always looking for people who can pray for this ministry, offer financial support, volunteer, or come to teach. We are always looking for exceptional young people (preferably eighteen years or older) who can volunteer as helpers at the school. We are also always in need of teachers who are able to teach multi-level […]