Who We Are

The MTW Tokyo Team’s main focus is an unreached people group, i.e., the people of Japan and particularly the 34 million people of Metro Tokyo.  Japan has only 2.1 worship attenders per 1000* people, and is only 0.4%** professing evangelical Christian. (*Operation Japan, Edition 2000, page 22; **Operation World, 21st Century Edition, page 371.)

We are investing our resources of personnel, finances and prayer to the end that an indigenous Presbyterian, gospel-centered church planting movement (CPM) be established in Japan.

More specifically, our MTW team’s ministry includes:

  • evangelism among Japanese people (most have never opened a Bible);
  • discipleship of first-generation believers;
  • missionary-led church planting;
  • cooperative church planting alongside Japanese led church planters;
  • church-based university student ministry;
  • training Japanese and missionary interns for future ministry;
  • giving a world missions vision to Japanese Christians through training, missions trips, and participation in our Japan denomination’s world mission committee;
  • partnering with our indigenous denomination, the Presbyterian Church in Japan (PCJ) in all these ministry areas, learning from them and influencing them as well;
  • starting “Covenant Family Ministry” to disciple Christian families, and to pioneer a hybrid home school/ Christian school for MKs and Japanese children; and
  • starting and helping to lead a Japan-wide gospel-centered Church Planting Institute (CPI) that provides training, vision for a church planting movement in Japan, and spiritual refreshment in the Gospel for more than 500 Japanese pastors, missionaries, and spouses from over 90 denominations/groups (see www.jcpi.net, and www.japancpi.com).

Please keep reading to learn more about Japan and the history of the Tokyo / Chiba Team.