Japan looks good on the surface.  Japan is rich, has very few poor people, and low unemployment.  There is 100% literacy, health care for virtually everyone, a lower infant mortality rate than the U.S., and the longest life-expectancy in the world by a good bit.  Everything works.  Japan is clean, and service is great.

Wow!  They must be happy.

Wrong!  Japan also has the highest suicide rate in the industrialized world.  More than a million young people are so traumatized by the pressure of the society, or something, that they refuse to even leave their homes.  “Zero-defect” thinking and pursuit of perfection may be great for building cars, but it is terrible for families and human relationships.  Beneath the surface, Japan is hurting deeply.

Japan’s greatest need is the gospel of of Jesus Christ.  That’s why we are here.

We love God because He first loved us.  We long for Him to be worshiped in this great nation where so few worship Him.  We love the Japanese people, and want to tell them the good news of Jesus.  So few have ever even heard.

Our MTW team’s goal is huge, seemingly impossible.  We have all covenanted together to pray and work towards a Biblical church planting movement that is ultimately indigenous, spreading from East Tokyo throughout Japan and the world.

Please do read through our website prayerfully.  Maybe God would have you partner with us in some way to reach this needy land.  The Land of the Rising Sun desperately needs The Risen Son!