Why are we called CCSI?

Covenant Community School International exists for the families of this community. We seek to assist our parents as they teach their children what it means to be a Christian in the world. Our name reflects our vision and our goals.

Covenant – We believe that God has called us out of this world and that our children are precious to him. We claim the promises of the Bible for our children and believe that they have entered into a covenant relationship with God through the work of Jesus Christ.

Community – We believe that the relationship of the Home, Church and School is a valuable tool for the training of our children. The three cannot be separated and all work together in community for the advancement of Christ’s church.

School – We believe that God has given the responsibility of education to the parents and that these parents can and do partner with this school to help fulfill this responsibility.

International – We believe that through this education, that we are preparing our children to take their place in Christ’s Church throughout the world and to instill in them the need to proclaim the gospel to every tribe and nation.