College Ministry

Japan is a nation of 128 million people, yet only ½ of 1% are evangelical Christians. There are no legal or political obstacles to the spread of Christianity, but there are strong social and cultural barriers among Japanese to understanding and accepting the gospel. On top of this, the post WWII generation of Japanese pastors is aging, with not enough young men in pastoral training to fill their roles, let alone pastoral and church leadership positions in new churches being planted!

Within the context of the MTW Tokyo Church Planting Team, college ministry is reaching and discipling young Japanese at a time when they are most open and available to be future leaders in the Church is a strategic area.

There are three main components to our ministry:

IMPACT – International Friendship Club. On campus the students know our ministry as IMPACT and come to practice English, enjoy food & fun, and to meet new people. The main IMPACT events are not heavily Christian in focus, but allow for students to build friendships with Christians for the first time (both Japanese & missionary). Through these relationships students are introduced to the gospel and to the Church. In addition to organic networking and friendship building, organized activities include Gospel Music choir, conversational English classes, Futsal/Soccer, IMPACT Night parties, and more.

Partnership with Presbyterian Church in Japan (PCJ)
. A major barrier to embracing the gospel for Japanese is the fear of being isolated. Exposing students to the Church is a great way to show them that becoming a Christian means that they become a part of something much bigger: the everlasting community of the Body of Christ! Church worship services, cell groups, and the broader fellowship of the church enable students to see Japanese Christians in authentic relationship with God and each other. We have seen these as the strongest settings for evangelism in such a highly group oriented society.

Developing Future Church Leaders. The above two components of our ministry not only serve as outreach, but also as a classroom to train, disciple, and develop young Japanese Christians towards becoming effective pastors and church leaders for the future, a huge need in the Japanese Church right now.